transactional risk insurance

Transactional risk, which is the transfer of financial risk in varying capacities to an insurance carrier, is used to create financial certainty in an M&A transaction. ProQuest has extensive experience with the M&A process and offers a full suite of transactional risk insurance products tailored to meet your needs, including:

  • Rep and warranty insurance—Coverage for losses arising from a breach of reps and warranties in a purchase sale agreement.
  • Tax indemnity—Coverage for taxpayers wishing to reduce or eliminate a contingent tax exposure.
  • Litigation buyout insurance—“Ring-fencing” liabilities related to litigation against a company in an M&A transaction.
  • Class action settlement insurance—Mitigates the uncertainty of a class action settlement by transferring the risk to an insurance carrier and capping the exposure of the class action to the insured.

Whether a PE fund or strategic company, rep and warranty insurance has seen its use increase tenfold since 2014. With access to more than 30 markets and the expertise to work on cross-border deals within every industry segment, ProQuest is well-positioned to handle a full range of M&A transaction needs through:

  • Manuscript policy forms to fit each transaction
  • Specialized focus in real estate and a number of other key areas
  • Unparalleled law firm contacts (ProQuest works directly with several AmLaw 100 firms)
  • The same team collaborating on every transaction regardless of deal size
  • In-house attorney and claims advocacy team