Broker Partners

Strengthen relationships with your current law firm clients or prospects through a strategic alignment with ProQuest. For more than 20 years, we have partnered with retail brokers around the nation to provide the necessary support, experience, and expertise to handle any law firm, regardless of size or practice area.

As a co-broker, our role is different from that of a traditional wholesaler because we don’t simply provide a quote…we offer you and your team frontline support and assistance. Just as law firms partner when specialization is required, we believe our partners wisely choose us as “co-counsel.”

ProQuest is the nation’s largest privately held specialist in the placement of lawyers professional liability coverage and offers unrestricted access to all major insurers in the United States, London/Europe, and Bermuda.

Contact us to discuss how a partnership with ProQuest can benefit your current clients and help you win the trust of future ones.