Employee Benefits

Because your employees are your biggest investment—and are central to your firm’s success—a benefits program is one critical way to support your employees. The key question is whether your benefits program aligns with the specific needs of your organization. ProQuest understands that law firms are different from most employers because of tax, cultural, income diversity, and employment tenure factors. This uniqueness requires expert guidance in employee benefit planning, analysis, purchasing, and ongoing management.

To deliver a full range of benefit programs and strategies that fit the special needs of our clients, ProQuest uses the services of an Alliant employee benefits team that has a long history of specializing in law firms.

This specialized benefits team has developed an industry-leading practice that supports the health and welfare benefit needs of medium- and large-size law firms. Its extensive experience in working with some of the country’s leading law firms has enabled it to deliver analysis and solutions that take into account all of the following factors that are unique to law firms:

  • Plan designs must address the unique tax implications of partnerships.
  • The hierarchical nature of law firms requires efficient use of permissible discrimination within benefits plans.
  • Law firms’ acute sensitivity to the decisions of industry peers requires real-time access to emerging trends.
  • Significant variations in employee compensation within staff-level job classifications require creative solutions to employee contribution challenges.
  • Partner tenure, income, and investment acumen create opportunities for deployment of more sophisticated health, death, and disability solutions.
  • Insurance providers tend to shy away from law firms, narrowing the field of potential vendors and increasing the importance of developing long-term partnerships.

Specialized Services for Law Firms

The Alliant law firm benefits team provides the following services:

  • Health savings account analysis for partners
  • Law firm benchmarking surveys and analysis
  • Employee contribution modeling
  • Law firm-focused financial analysis
  • Specialty life and disability insurance solutions
  • Communications geared for law firms

Visit the Alliant Employee Benefits web site for more information about how our consultants can develop a benefits strategy tailored to your firm.