Risk Management

More than a decade ago, ProQuest initiated specialized risk and practice management consulting services through an independent network of expert loss prevention attorneys.

Our approach to risk management is unique because the services are facilitated by ProQuest—not by your insurer. For qualifying firms, ProQuest has the capability to work with your insurers to develop a dedicated risk management fund (at no expense to you) that will finance the services. Engagement letters are executed between the outside specialist and your firm for each contracted program/service, a process that shields the engagement under attorney-client privilege.

The services are offered in a menu-based format, allowing you to choose only those components appropriate to your loss control needs and integrate them into a customized series of interactive seminars, workshops, and audits.

Key Services and Programs
The range of risk management services and programs offered through ProQuest include:


  • Risk management hotline
  • Firm leadership and management structure
  • Basics of a risk management plan
  • Client intake
  • Human resources management
  • Docket and calendar management
  • Best practices in detecting and responding to client fraud
  • Client and firm finance management
  • Conflict management and avoidance
  • Associate training
  • Ethics
  • Creation and management of subsidiary/ancillary practices
  • Planning and conducting partner retreats
  • Creation and review of firm procedure manuals
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Conflict and waiver letters
  • Billings and collection
  • Practice group management
  • Firm mergers and acquisitions
  • Managing electronic data